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About Us

About Us

EMI Calculator Guru is a website will help each and everyone to get a thorough understanding on EMI. Most of us want to own a house or car or any other expensive gadgets and for all these loans are available but due to lack of knowledge about the concept EMI, many of them either do not buy it or they land up going to pawn lenders to borrow money and land up paying double and triple of the actual which includes the interest rate which is exorbitantly charged by this money lender.

To put a stop for all these worries EMI Calculator Guru have come up with this excellent website which deals with all the queried related to what is EMI, how it is calculated, what is interest rate charges by the financial institutions, how much money monthly one has to pay and many other areas with regard to EMI is covered in this website.

The founder of this website has brought this idea keeping in the mind about the people who have little or no knowledge about these concepts which will be addressed through this website. The concepts related to EMI are explained in simple language which makes the reader to understand it very easily.

Founder: Anil Aggarwal

The website i.e. emicalculator.guru has been created in partnership with Mr. Pankaj Singla.

In case, of any doubts, query or complaints on the content, you can always write down us at info@emicalculator.guru.